Your Metabolism Doesn't Care

Your metabolism really can give an aardvark’s butt about you wanting to look good for the summer or drop the quarantine15 as fast as possible.

If you are training + dieting your balls off, not seeing results, feeling like crap and have zero sex drive… it’s for a reason.

Right now, many feel compelled to get ALL the workouts in, & if you aren’t training twice a day and eating super crazy clean, you aren’t doing this quarantine thing correctly. 🙄

If you decide to slash calories & increase workouts, you’re pushing very hard against your physiology. And guess what? It will push even harder back at you.

Your metabolism just wants to keep you operating.

It will shut down all unnecessary processes, like rock hard erections, menstrual cycles-producing sex hormones because no one has time to procreate when you’re starving. It will actually make way more cortisol instead. That stress hormone that doesn’t play nice when chronically elevated, suppressing that precious testosterone + estrogen.

The rate you burn calories will drop, thyroid hormone will drop, and your hunger signals will be like WHOA because it wants you to take in more energy to keep it alive. All that food staring at you all day will stare at you harder like people nowadays at the grocery store stare if you aren’t wearing a hazmat suit.

I have not programmed any HIIT style workouts for anyone. Those who have access to weights are using those, with maximum 1-2 conditioning sessions with intelligent work to rest ratios. Body weight is boring AF but it’s better than nothing. The priorities are sleep, walking, & nutrition. We conquer the strategies around those first because if you can nail those, everything else will be easier.

Exercise only makes up 5% of your metabolism anyway.

Activities that aren’t structured exercise have a far greater impact on your hunger hormones, fat loss, & metabolic health than anything else.

This is why it’s more important to MOVE & see SUN everyday (which here in CT can be once a week right now lol)

Just like during a normal workday, you are better off getting up multiples times a day and getting some sun in the AM vs annihilating yourself for 30min indoors in the dark.

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