The Importance of Maintaining Physical Activity

The Importance of Maintaining Physical Activity

Testosterone is obviously a very important hormone in our bodies, but it isn’t the only one. There has been a chronic debate across the internet for years about what matters most when it comes to fatloss: calories or hormones?⁣

The answer is both. Yes, we need a calorie deficit to drop body fat. But we also need hormonal balance. We eat the food, but our hormones dictate what happens to that food. They actually can be very powerful in driving our decisions with how much and what types of food to eat.⁣

Ever realize you sometimes feel “hungry”, but it isn’t a true pit in the stomach physical hunger? It is just-hmm, been sitting here a while I think I am hungry.⁣

Those feelings arise from mixed hormonal signals, and it happens more and more these days with the amount of inactivity happening.⁣

If there is one thing I have been shouting at the rooftops during this pandemic it is to maintain physical activity. ⁣

Not necessarily structured training.⁣


Walking, chores, errands. ⁣

Things that we are supposed to do as humans required us to locomote in some way to achieve a desired result. ⁣

Notice we don’t do much of that anymore

In the 80’s our TV’s required us to get up and change the channel. ⁣

We used to have to physically roll down our windows.⁣

Cell phone? Walk to the nearest payphone.⁣

Now we press a button and everything comes to us- food, alcohol, a wife, material goods. We don’t even have to move.⁣

But we need to. ⁣

If it takes 7,116 steps just to maintain peace among our hormonal orchestra in our body when it comes to hunger, then anything above that will help us move the needle more than any crash diet and amount of training we do on top of it.⁣

I never used to “assign” steps, but now I have been, just to provide awareness to clients who may not realize how little they are moving around beyond their natural activity levels during the day. ⁣

Shoot for at minimum 7,200. ⁣
But you will be way better off with more.⁣

Health-> wealth -> optimal hormones = boners and biceps 🦍