The Best Time for Women to Measure Their Body Transformation Progress

Women love to know when they’re improving in something.

This becomes very important when it comes to body transformation progress.

But, there is a specific window every month when it is best to measure progress.

For body composition, the best time to measure for women is between day eight through 11 during their menstrual cycle. Hormones are more stable, and there is the least amount of water retention occurring at that time.

I can’t stress this enough: It is NOT necessary to measure women every single week.

We could even ask is it necessary to measure ANYONE every week?

Many women can gain up to 10 pounds of water weight during the last two weeks of their cycle.

If you measure a woman during that time, it could be detrimental to their progress. Emotionally it can wreak havoc on someone who has been doing so well, only to think they have gone backwards.

Ladies, if you are tracking your own progress, and as much as you may want to check all the time, DON’T! Use the time window I mentioned above for more consistent and positive outcomes.

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