Simple Natural Ways to Raise Testosterone

Every day, I have conversations with men about their health and how to have their concerns addressed.

One of my older clients asked his doctor about doing some bloodwork. He was met with resistance and told, “You don’t have to worry about that.” He was frustrated and didn’t know what to do.

Truth be told, labs only tell a part of the picture.

With that said, labs are usually the wakeup call for many men since they never go to the doctor.

Even if someone decides to go on hormone replacement, ALL lifestyle factors must be in check for it to work at its fullest potential.

Maintaining your optimal function as a man starts with confronting the truth about how you live your life, plus where you can start TODAY.

Here are some very simple but powerful guidelines:

For overweight men who have a lot of body fat to lose:

The 100% absolute quickest way to increase testosterone levels is to drop that body fat.

Your body no longer get the signal it’s had too much food. It’s chronically stressed out and has you always living in a sea of blood sugar. The estrogens made from an inflammatory tissue like body fat are NOT protective.

For my guys who don’t have a lot of fat to lose, but still feel the symptoms of low testosterone:

You usually need more sleep and better stress management.

This strategy is very boring, but highly effective.

And no, you can’t always eat whatever you want. Your health history will dictate the nutritional path we take, not that post that said you can have all the cookies.

If you’re struggling, I can help.

Just know that sometimes we have to have very difficult yet truthful conversations. They come from a good place so that I can help you succeed.

So if you’re tired of struggling, let’s take the next step with a Consultation.