Reflections on the PGA Merchandise Show 2019

I spoke at the PGA Merchandise Show in Orlando, and if you haven’t been it is quite the massive event. My talk was titled, “Lasting Longer in Life and on the Course.” Basically, what does hormonal health have to do with your golf game?

The answer is a lot.

You see, the first signs in a man that there may be a decline in hormonal health are increased body fat around the waist, fatigue, lack of motivation and drive, and more.

Can men do anything to combat these symptoms? Yes, but only so much. A lot of this has to do with lifestyle (sleep being #1, nutrition, and exercise).

Golfers are a similar population to women, in that they are afraid of getting too big, and feel once they start weight training they will all of a sudden explode into big bulky muscles.

If only part of that was true.

It seems redundant to me, but it can’t be emphasized enough.

The key lifestyle factors to keep hormones optimal are:

Sleep: Without quality and adequate sleep, your body is less able to tolerate carbohydrates and stress.

Nutrition: A high protein diet is always a good idea. The fats and carbs are determined by how active someone is (even then, some people feel better on a higher carb diet).

Exercise: Get in the gym and get to lifting weights. Nothing changes your body composition quicker than a combination of solid nutrition and weightlifting. Your testosterone levels will thank you.

Recovery: While it’s tempting to just focus on exercise and nutrition only, napping, walking, and all leisure activities are just as important to spend time in a less stressful environment.

TRT: It is one of the safest things out there. I hear all the time how men say their doctor won’t entertain the idea of hormone replacement because it causes cancer. If that is what you have been told, it is time to find a new doctor (but that’s just my opinion). The environmental onslaught of estrogens and toxic chemicals is winning the war against mankind, and we all are affected more every day. After all, it is predicted that men will be infertile by the year 2046. If that isn’t motivation enough to consider TRT for health purposes, I am not sure what is. (BUT ONLY if lifestyle is addressed first.)

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