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5 Things to Know About Testosterone Replacement Therapy

Muscle & Fitness, September 2019

Greenwich Native Named To Prestigious ‘Golf Digest’ List

Greenwich Patch, December 2017

Why men are seeing an epidemic of low testosterone

Greenwich Patch, December 2017

Manning Up on Hormones

WAG Magazine, December 2017


Rugby Muscle Podcast Episode 164 – The Importance Of Testosterone – A Complete Guide to Problems and Solutions

June 2020

When Nutrition & Lifestyle Aren’t Enough – Considerations for Testosterone Optimization with Ali Gilbert [Podcast Episode #105]

May 2020

Australian Fitness Podcast Episode 23 - Ali Gilbert, Men's Health, TRT, and all that boy stuff.

May 2020

Muscle & Fitness Reps Episode 70 Podcast – Quarantine Masturbation: How Much is too Much?

Is your sleeping pattern out or order, and you stress levels through the rough because of #COVID-19? While on Reps, men’s health expert @thealigilbert dishes on how those factors can tank testosterone, how much masturbation is too much, and more! ⁠ The Reps podcast is available on all major streaming platforms.

Muscle & Fitness, May 2020

The Peak Performance Podcast – Optimizing Hormones with Ali Gilbert

The Peak Performance Podcast was a lot of fun to record.

This group of performance specialists provides a full-spectrum of human performance optimization services to Air Force Special Operations personnel.

As you can imagine, military populations have very high levels of stress, a very driven mindset, & disrupted sleep/wake cycle. This is a combination that can have a profound effect on hormonal health.

April 2020

Next Level Podcast 57 with Jade Teta

We cover EVERYTHING having to do with men’s health. Hope you love it and please share! 

April 2020

The Truth About TRT & Tips To Maximize Your Hormones

This podcast has been my absolute favorite thus far for a number of reasons, but mainly because I got to do it with one of my good friends Jade Teta, who I have also learned so much from the past 10 years.

Why Optimization is the Key to Feeling Great | TRT Revolution

Jay Campbell, June 2017

Men's Hormone Therapy: Is It For YOU?

Chris Duffy, May 2017

​Renegade Radio #326 with Jay Ferruggia

Ali sat down with Jay Ferruggia to talk about men’s health, low testosterone, getting tested, proper training, TRT, and much more!

There is an epidemic facing the health of all men across the world.

They have exponentially lower testosterone levels than their fathers, grandfathers and great grandfathers did.

And that’s what they talked about on Renegade Radio!

You can also listen to it on iTunesSpotify, and Stitcher!

​Killer Boobies Podcast - Healing after Breast Implant Illness and Explant

I shared more of my health journey & experience getting my implants out on this podcast. It was really fun and a total 180 of my usual content 🦍

Also for women, there’s some amazing advice on how to heal after explant surgery, with things that many make mistakes about which actually causes the body to heal slower.

​Fitness for the Fairways Episode 32

Ali Gilbert sat down with Par Four Performance to talk about nutrition, hormones, sleep, and morning wood. 🦍

You can also listen to it on iTunesSpotify, and Soundcloud!

​The Pillars of Health Podcast with Jon Carroll

Recent podcast with Jon Carroll, as I discuss an all encompassing approach that needs to be deployed when it comes to your optimal hormone levels.

The Smart Nutrition Made Simple Show Episode 31

Ben Brown

Inward Investing Podcast Episode 20

I share some important info with Mike Ritter about testosterone in men, birth control in women, and what questions to ask your doctor.

We also discuss how I have partnered with doctors to help my clients improve their health through medical therapies coupled with smart training and lifestyle coaching.

​Coach Glass Podcast 186

If you are a man, know a man, have a man in your life or had a man in the process of creating your life you need to listen to this. ​

She has dedicated her last 5 years to better understanding the elements that make men perform at the highest level. One of the key elements she uncovered is the hormonal influx as a man ages and how important it is to maintain healthy levels in the later years. Testosterone and a lack thereof can greatly affect a man’s libido, body composition, strength and confidence.

This episode is another @Perform_Better Summit Series epic episode. 

​18 Strong: The Exciting Truth About Testosterone

Fitcast: You and your health​