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Gorilla Coaching

Gorilla Coaching is more of a group training experience for those who maybe are not ready for the commitment of 1:1 training, but still want to have the structure and accountability of coaching. If you have a goal of dropping body fat, building biceps, having your abs show, or getting stronger in the gym: This is for you.

If you have basic proficiency of most lifts in the gym, and you know what to do but just don’t do it when it comes to nutrition, + you like being a part of something like the gorilla gang- this is for you!

You will get to choose which phase of training you’d like to start with- fat loss, hypertrophy, or strength, or specific to your sport (like golf).

Tap into the mind of Ali + have the ability to ask any question, any time in the Gorilla Coaching community!

Gorilla Coaching Includes:

Gorilla Coaching Bonuses

Enroll before 11:59PM Eastern Wednesday, September 13, 2022:

• Receive a 25% lifetime discount to any Thorne supplements with your enrollment. They are the highest-grade supplements you can get!

• A 30-minute personal consultation with Gorilla Coaching coach Tim Vallely!

• Receive a 50% off coupon to Testosterone School!

• An entry into a drawing for a Silverback Summit ticket (valued at $700!)

• Stainless steel gorilla shaker with bonus goodies