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Do-It-Yourself Program

Gorilla Training

Join the Gorilla Gang! 🦍

Ali created this program option by request as she had people that loved her Gorilla Training workout ebooks, but wanted a little more direction for a program while still doing most of the work themselves. So, what started out as a small idea expanded into a more expansive programming option for those that wanted it!

Ali offers program options for:

  • Time-saving workouts
  • Workouts for building muscle
  • Workouts to deal with high stress levels
  • Workouts for those that can train multiple times per week
  • Workouts if you only have a couple days as well
  • Plus more!


This is a month-to-month program, so you’ll be able to experience a variety of fun workouts and exercises!

Gorilla Training Workouts features 39+ workouts with select videos to follow along!

Each book is a collection of Ali’s favorite go to workouts & exercises.

The home version has both bodyweight and DB/KB options, while the gym version has both metabolic and hypertrophy options.