It's Ok to be "Weird!"

Men’s testosterone levels have been on the decline for the past decade or so, with studies predicting men to be infertile by the year 2046.


Poor lifestyle habits contribute to it massively. We don’t have to physically move like we’re supposed to anymore to accomplish things. In the 80’s we had to GET UP to change the TV channel.

We had keys for the OTHER side of the car, and had to physically crank a window rolled down.

No wonder with all the technology in the world and the ability to track everything, we’re still increasingly obese and unhealthy as a country.

Do you get at least 10,000 steps in a day? If not, you are more prone to irregular appetite by disrupting hunger hormone signals. Walking moves the needle when it comes to health & fat loss way more than adding a zillion hours of HIIT.

We can sit at home and press buttons to have food, supplies, brides, whatever delivered to us.

If you don’t think this has a profound effect on hormones, you’re wrong.

We are made to move and we have forgotten how. We’ve forgotten how to develop a solid bedtime routine as well.

The easiest way to tank your testosterone levels is not sleeping.

It’s also a sure fire way to decrease your ability to handle carbohydrates.

Oh, and also make you more prone to having a heart attack.

Family history of cardiovascular issues? May want to address that without pharmaceuticals which can also decrease you testosterone!

We’ve even forgotten how to effectively communicate resulting in inefficient growth & development of relationships.

It’s ok to be “weird”.

Mind boggling in our society that the accessory which pretty much projects the image of a healthy lifestyle: muscle… is “weird”.

As are many things nowadays:

If you take the stairs, you’re weird.
If you choose the healthy meal choice, you’re weird.
If you have veins in your arms, legs, wherever, you’re weird.
Travel with healthy food or bars/shakes? Weird.
Park farther than 2 rows away? Weird.
Workout on vacation? Weird.
Modify the restaurant menu to fit you? Weird.
Heat things in glass? Weird.
Track your food in an app? Weird.

Let’s get weird!

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