If You Put on Some Weight, It’s Ok.

We perceive most weight gain as very bad. Quite often, it is not healthy if we remain overweight, but sometimes there is a reason we needed to gain a little.

Why is it after women have a baby, they are told not to rush the post partum weight loss. This is excluding the media showing celebs who seem to bounce back 4 hours after birth.

The overall message is to take time & let the body heal.

Yet whenever it comes to losing weight in other situations it comes with such urgency? What is the rush that necessitates risking all future possibility of a healthy responsive body for what someone wants right this second?

There is a lot of marketing out there capitalizing on people’s quarantine weight gain, with this vehement need to take it all off right away.

What if the weight gain is the body’s protective mechanism to the years of calorie restriction & excessive exercise?

What if this is EXACTLY what your metabolism needed to be responsive again?

I get it, it would be wonderful if we could all achieve our goal is the least amount of time possible. However, physiology doesn’t work that way despite what any supplement companies, detox teas, transformation challenges & meal plan promises.

If you put on some weight, it’s ok. See it as an opportunity to play the long game. Enjoy the process of doing it the RIGHT way, so you never have to feel pressured to take it off in 5 mins with slashing calories, increasing exercise and feeling miserable the entire time.

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