How to Break the Binge Cycle

How to Break the Binge Cycle:

How to Break the Binge Cycle

On the left: 2017
On the right: April 2020 (and clearly need the hair salon to open)

I think we all have those days where we feel we might be going backwards. Today was one of those for me.

I had to remind myself how far I’ve come vs think about how far I had to go (for me).

You see, the biggest mindf*ck when leaning out is when you start looking how you want, it becomes somewhat of an addiction.

Meatheads like me start to feel “soft & fluffy” if we don’t see veins on our abs. Any 1g of body fat higher we feel gross. Please, roll your eyes 😂.

I see this also in clients. And this is why “diets” don’t work. People deprive themselves and slash calories to lose weight rather quickly, only to feel miserable & gain it all back. There IS a way out of that yo-yo, I promise.

We cannot stay low calorie forever. Not even fitness professionals, physique athletes or anyone who appears lean year-round. The look I want to have year-round is not sustainable nor is it healthy. But the look I DO have year-round, I can live with. That look is a 5-10 lbs fluctuation for me. However even a 2 lbs increase/decrease I am sensitive to.

The most difficult conversations with clients are when I have to explain why they can’t keep going lower in calories. Why they have no choice but to increase their calories over time to allow their metabolism to get to a place where it feels safe again.

THIS is how you stop the deprive/binge/yo-yo cycle. You push through the suck that gets you to a life of sustainable eating & a high sex drive. Lots of things happen when you quit that cycle:

🦍 You realize your physiology does not defy the laws of thermodynamics or any other human physiological process.
🦍 You realize if you increase carbs you increase water weight NOT fat.
🦍 You realize eating enough to deadlift more than the guy or girl next to you feels pretty fucking cool
🦍 You realize you’d rather fluctuate 5-10 lbs because of food volume/muscle/water than fluctuate 10-20lbs and end up soft and skinny fat by the time you’re 50 only to have so little muscle your ability to tolerate carbohydrates is non-existent.

I don’t know about you, but I want to look like the jacked & tan 65-year-old chick with that dry lean muscle looking like she’s 45. 😘


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