"How Many Times a Day Should I Eat?"

People ask this often because there are SO many opinions out there that conflict.

Hey when I was younger, I too believed you had to eat at a certain cadence to make sure your metabolism is active. What a crock 😆

You don’t have to eat every 2-3 hours. Your muscles won’t fall off. Even during a pandemic.

Your metabolism won’t increase and create a “raging fire” by doing so.

You don’t have to eat every 4-6 hours either.

You don’t have to eat at all, actually.

And for many that can be very beneficial.

EVERYTHING in nutrition as it pertains to the individual is, well, very individualized.

🦍 What is your lifestyle like? Sedentary job with less than 7k steps a day or manual labor?

🦍 How many times a day do you PREFER to eat?

🦍 What are your goals? Lose fat? Gain muscle? Activity output every day?

🦍 Have you been “trying to diet” for what seems like years?

🦍 Any gut issues, symptoms, history?

🦍 How’s your poop?

🦍 Sleep? Sex drive?

🦍 How about hormonal balance?

Yes, all the above has to do with what you put in your body every day.

You can find answers to some of those questions very quickly when you have awareness of the effect food has on you. Your own metabolic uniqueness.

I can’t tell you what and when to eat for the rest of your life, but together we can figure it out.

Like anything it takes time and will probably be different than what I do, or what your friends do.

Because we have all had that one friend who says, “You’ve got to try ____ (insert fad diet)! I lost sooooo much weight.”

Bet they couldn’t MAINTAIN that weight loss a year later.

That’s why I am not interested in those transformation photos unless they show a LONG time between them.

We don’t have a weight loss problem, we have a weight re-gain problem.

Hiring a coach can help 😉

Let’s set up a consultation today.