Gentlemen, It’s Time to Stop Lying to Yourself.

Gentlemen, it’s time to stop lying to yourself.

Nobody has a secret proprietary solution that fast tracks you to an optimized hormonal state.

Not even me, though I know how to get you to where you want to be. I know the right practitioners and I know who is full of poop

Testosterone replacement therapy won’t been work as well unless you make the changes necessary. The hard stuff. The boring, tedious, consistent & habitual things that you REALLY need.

None of these supplements promising some arbitrary % increase in testosterone or GH are worth your money.

Do the work, play the long game. It takes time to get dialed in & change your habits, but once it becomes routine it’s only a matter of *time*

All men should, in my mind, be doing the following:

  • Weight training
  • Sleeping, at MINIMUM 6 hours
  • Get sunlight exposure
  • Reducing blue light exposure at night
  • Doing aerobic activity (Men tend not to do enough of this)
  • Eating more carbs & protein than you probably are
  • Educating yourself on TRT (I can help)
  • Prepare to ditch insurance based practitioners for hormone optimization purposes; it will likely never be what you need

Need help in any of the above? I offer a dual consultation with my colleague Dr. Eric Fete, labwork included! 😎

Send me a message to learn more. 😃🦍