"Ever Watch a Dog Poop?"

If there is something I have learned working with people over the years, it would be nice to have these two things in life.

Number 1: Look great naked.

That is a given. Sure, maybe we want to play flag football or hit the golf ball farther, or play with our kids and grandkids.

But bottom line, we want to still have an awesome sex life and feel we look the part when we take our clothes off.

Number 2: Have daily, efficient poops.

I know you are thinking to yourself:

You know what? She’s right. (duh).

All kidding aside, how awful is it when you don’t go the next morning or two mornings, and you feel “clogged up”?

Or you are able to go, but it feels like it didn’t all come out, leaving you still feeling clogged.

I was talking with my client the other morning, whose dog took a poop on his carpet. We discussed the efficiency in which a dog is able to poop. You know, a “normal” conversation on how sometimes it seems like they may not get rid of it all, but they have amazingly strong muscles back there.

I am serious! Maybe it seems gross to you, but everyone poops, and not being able to do so sucks.

We should all be blessed with the ability to poop like our pets. So how do we do this?

One tip I can give you is if you are experiencing some constipation on a weekly basis, and are training hard, you may be dehydrated. When we are dehydrated, things don’t move along as nicely as they should. Try drinking more water than you did yesterday.

You could also try things like potassium, sodium (salt your food), and magnesium via an electrolyte drink. If you’re not sure about those, let’s talk. There could be more to the story.

BTW, Designs for Health Electrolyte Synergy is my favorite electrolyte drink. I love it so much that I have it on subscribe and save on Amazon.

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