Do Blue Light Blocking Glasses work?

Blue light blocking glasses are all the rage, but do they work?

Now that we are consistently bombarded with technology in our face 24/7, it is hard to “shut off.”

We may notice it is tougher to fall asleep than it used to be. We can’t calm down.

Blue light, the light coming from phones, laptops, TV’s etc. works very similar to the sunlight in that it wakes our body up, stimulates hormones that say, “Hey! Stay awake! Time to do things!”

Except that is the opposite of what we want to be doing at night. We need darkness to produce melatonin, a hormone that helps us fall asleep but also is directly related to our gut health and ability to fight disease.

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Blue light glasses, such as these Swanwick ones (, filter that light so we can still get work done yet not have eye strain or be depleted of essential rest hormones.

Check out the difference in my deep sleep not wearing these vs. wearing these.

Here are two quick links so you can learn more about them:

Option 1 – Click this link to check them out, and if you happen to buy them, I may get a thank you commission.

Option 2 – With this link, you can check them out and if you end up buying them, I get nothing. (Totally cool too. No guilt trips, I just love to help.)

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