"But Ali, The Scale Says..."

Fuck the scale.

That only took me like 15 years to truly be able to mean that.

I want to be as transparent and vulnerable as I possibly can, so that my followers and clients know I am no different than them.

I am a very impatient person. I am not unlike anyone else who wants things yesterday.

The picture on the left I thought I was sooooo ripped, LOL. Truth is I was probably doing cardio twice a day on top of training on top of maybe 1100 calories. Because Abs, duh.

The middle photo was when I had implants, was trying everything to drop some weight, and still at around 1,100 calories. Miserable.

The last photo I weigh more than the middle one, but I am much smaller. I am also dieting on 1725 calories, the most I have ever cut on in my life. I almost feel like I am cheating I eat so much now.

When I was in my 20’s I experimented with a lot of different steroids: winstrol, anavar, primobolan, testosterone, clen, you name it. Guess what? Nothing works if your nutrition isn’t dialed in. Mine never was. I never ate enough for long enough. Most people don’t.

In order to achieve a certain muscular look, you have to actually build the muscle to show. That requires food. It requires time eating said food and training hard as hell. It also requires time. lots of it. It also requires coaching. I found my coaches and knew I needed help.

It wasn’t all roses and unicorns. In order to get what I wanted, I had to gain weight. 12lbs, to be exact. I hated it. I lived in leggings and hoodies. I despised the scale going up. But I knew I had no other choice, nowhere to go.

Last fall I was eating 250g of carbs. I hit PR’s on my lifts every week. Training is more fun than ever. I understand the biochemistry of carb & fat oxidation at a level I never have. So, for anyone who thinks they’re a special snowflake who can’t handle carbs- you’re probably wrong.

I can help my clients at a level I never thought possible. I appreciate the process. Not everyone is ready to play the long game to change- and that’s ok.

Hire a coach. You won’t be disappointed.

We can help you see what you can’t.