A Recent Conversation on Morning Wood

So I was having a pretty “normal for me” conversation with a client. He is 69 years old and has recently started dating someone new, also the same age.

I already talked with him about the importance of switching his “tighty whities” for boxer briefs. He decided to discuss the events before their first sleepover.

“My doctor gave me Cialis, because Viagra made me feel like I had high blood pressure.”

A recent PubMed study discusses how Cialis has other benefits at a daily low dose, most having to do with vascular health and even body composition! (https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/28133708)

Joe proceeded to tell me when they were hanging out on the couch the other night, he got an erection and thought maybe he wouldn’t even need the Cialis. (I told you this was a pretty “normal for me” conversation!)

I said thats a great sign of his health, and his ability to experience morning wood more frequently will account for that. He said “Oh yeah! Morning wood had taken a hiatus for a while, but it is back! Not every day, but it’s back!”

Did you know morning erections, and ability to keep erections are one of the major indicators of functioning optimally as a male?

There are many factors that go into erections- physical, emotional, neurological. Sometimes it has everything to do with hormones, and sometimes it has nothing.

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