7 Things You Forgot You Could Do During the Quarantine

It’s those things that you have known in the back of your mind you *need* to do, but there is no real urgency. It’s more of the gratification of accomplishing something extremely boring and potentially tedious.

1. Finally organize those folders on your desktop. Oh, and the hard drive. You know, so you don’t have to scroll & search everything to keep finding that same document

2. Actually do a elimination diet. If traveling or busy was a barrier before, no better time than now to see if getting rid of dairy can truly help.

3. Go through the drawers. All of them. Do you really need four different 3 hole punchers?

4. Find that T shirt you’ve been meaning to look for, and while you’re at it toss or resell old clothes you never wear because you honestly wear the same 3 outfits everyday.

5. The garage. No additional comment needed.

6. The supplement cabinet. We all have one. I’m willing to bet a lot is expired.

7. Make sure your insurance card is in the glove compartment. Clean that out too. And detail the car.

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