5 Things Every Man Over 35 Can Benefit From Doing

I’ve had grown men break down crying in front of me.

I’ve been witness to the moment a man finally lets his guard down, puts his ego and pride aside, and admits he doesn’t have a solution to how his body seems to be working against him, no matter what he does.

The coaching relationship I build with clients comes from a place of understanding, where I can diffuse the difficult topics and help men realize what they are going through isn’t unique to them, only the way they are experiencing it is.

I’ve had subscriptions to Men’s Health, GQ, Cigar Aficionado, Maxim, and various other male-targeted magazines just to get a sense of what my clientele are consuming.

I’ve started the first conversation with, “How can I help you?” in relation to golf fitness, with it turning into a deeper emotional dialogue about extra body fat, body image, drive, stress, not feeling like they used to, and insecurities that seemed to surface out of nowhere.

“I-feel-like-I’m losing my worth as a male. “

“I never felt my age until this year.”

Why am I telling you this?

Because NONE of this has to do with my program design skills.

I provide solutions to those who struggle with things that seem to “just happen out of nowhere”.

1. Prioritize sleep. It’s more important than ever in this digital age. Batch your emails and texts to be answered by a certain time, then shut it down for the night.

2. You probably need to eat more. You’re just as active now than in your 20s. Maybe you’re retired by 50 and have even more time to do all the things, but still eat like you’re a desk jockey afraid of carbs.

3. Chivalry is still appreciated. Despite the modern day feminist movements, women still appreciate the “gentleman” aspect. Don’t suppress that side of you as a man. It actually can subconsciously contribute to your performance in the gym (and bed).

4. Hire a coach. Your toughest most stubborn client will always be yourself. I know someone you’ll work well with 👋🏻

5. Consider TRT. It does not cause cancer. It does not cause heart attacks. It can make you a powerhouse 🦍

What are you waiting for?

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