The point I was making is that the proverbial pendulum in our world swings REALLY hard.

(I had a really funny video to prove that point, but you will just have to come to the Raise the Bar Event in Orlando this February to see it.)

Anyway, we like to appeal to extremes in the US. When we go in, we go ALL in.

However, the one thing that has become quite clear, our search for the best supplement or diet dominates the reality that training and eating work really well when applied intelligently.

When it comes to the present day, it seems the ability to endure hard things is diminishing. I am not going to even touch the social aspect of that, but we are quick to blame hormones and potential “metabolic anomalies” as excuses for our lack of consistency & hard work.

Yes, people might undereat for their activity. However, to drop body fat you may still have to get lower than is comfortable in calories.

The key is in the practice & duration. Not everyone is “damaged”.

Training hard doesn’t mean beat the snot out of yourself with minimal rest periods. It means push past the point of “it burns/hurts”.

That is where both your mind & physique truly grow.

If you want to learn how to apply these things to yourself or your clients while keeping your hormones in check, plus spare the time and money in searching for answers, get on the list for Testosterone School.