I get asked ALL the time what it is like coaching men as a female.

To me it is easy. I have always felt I relate better to men than women probably because of my hobbies & tomboy nature. But the actual reason I got into men’s health is because my golf fitness background, which brought me a predominantly male clientele.

I have been told I diffuse any awkwardness surrounding sensitive subjects such as erectile issues, sexual health, hormones & body image stuff. It is pretty easy to talk about.

I have male best friends who coach & specialize in female health and hormones. It goes both ways for sure.

I also understand how men are more confused than ever on their role in society with this overly feminist movement, & we have discussions surrounding that.

I’ve never felt I had to compete with men in my career as I always felt like “one of the guys”.

Plus, the penis memes. We are all here for them ?

It is pretty safe to say a lot of the issues women struggle with in fitness and nutrition are similar to what men deal with. Just in different ways.

I love what I do, and I encourage more of you to have the hard discussions surrounding the men’s health issues that this month sets out to acknowledge. It can be life saving for someone.

I’m here to help. Let’s get you scheduled with a consultation ASAP!


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