Literally it’s that simple.

When thinking of where to start, people get so overwhelmed and then they over complicate the easiest place to start… walking, the most primal of movements.

The first thing I have clients who are completely sedentary do is WALK.

Get moving. It’s free.

They won’t “undo” the 8-12 hours of sitting with an hour or less of intense training in the gym. If anything, it can make someone miserable at first and make their appetite even more all over the place.

Their joints have adapted to the stress of modern technology & workplace.

0-100 isn’t the option. Walking, sleeping, nutrition then weight training when it’s appropriate.

As resilient as the human body is, the environment we put ourselves in & the time it’s taken for people’s physiology to feel the effects takes its toll over time.

Start with a podcast and head outside.

Then worry about sprinkling in some weight training.

Don’t be so overwhelmed with everything you end up doing nothing.

Make yourself a priority. A healthier, happier you only improves everything and everyone around you.