There is a reason the safety protocol on airplanes has you securing your own oxygen mask first.

It might seem selfish, as does putting yourself first, but in the end everyone around you benefits.

If you feel exhausted all the time, uncomfortable in your body, sad about the food you’re eating, not motivated by anything… it’s ok to take inventory of whether you are putting your needs before others.

(I am not talking about kids or those in emergency situations, etc.)

Things that may seem selfish but are perfectly ok to do:

? Choosing to bring your own food on a trip
? Giving strong input to a restaurant choice so you can plan
? Picking hotels based on gym access
? Saying no to something to give yourself an hour to do activity or make food
? Outsourcing help to get a workout in (housecleaning, baby or pet sitting, grocery delivery)
? Not relying on food at a conference or event & bringing your own stash
? Setting boundaries in your schedule to get to bed earlier
? Choosing to hang with friends but not eat or drink what they are, or at all.

Let people bust your chops about your habits, and get used to it. You will be the healthy shredded one feeling awesome.

I think many clients struggle with putting themselves first.

Make yourself a priority. A healthier, happier you only improves everything and everyone around you.