Let me preface this by saying I use a flexible dieting approach with about 80% of my clients.

What does that exactly mean? Instead of a meal plan, I let them choose the foods they enjoy the most as long as they can hit their numbers consistently.

It works beautifully for most people and solves the issue of a meal plan being rigorous, boring & not really educating someone on how food works.

But the other 20% of my clients want to achieve next level leanness. We are talking photoshoot lean, veins on the abs, etc.

This comes with much more restriction and sacrifice on their end. Some may disagree, but I feel many may agree that the more boring, bland, and repetitive someone is with their meals the better they will look. Bodybuilders have been doing this for years.

But boring is hard for people. Food is exciting, it’s social, it’s hyperpalatable, it symbolizes a big part of our lives and gatherings. It’s nostalgic, even.

Having an extrinsic motivator does help.

Even I fall into the trap of deviating from my normal foods and start eating more “fake” stuff like protein cookie dough, sugar free “frankenfoods”, etc. and then I wonder why my results will stagnate.

One thought that gets me through this is realizing the exciting options will ALWAYS be there afterwards. It’s like Halloween candy- it is available to us year-round, there is no need to devour it *just* because it’s Halloween.

Take inventory of your current diet and see where you may be able to make some improvements. You may find with some changes your overall food volume will increase, & some cravings will subside.

If you are looking for those next level results, start here:

? Pick 2-3 proteins you like (like shrimp, chicken, lean ground beef)

? Pick 1-2 carbs (like white rice and potatoes)

? Pick 1-2 vegetables (Green beans and cauliflower rice)

? Pick 1 fat (olive oil)

Throw on a condiment that is goal friendly, and it becomes delicious.

Make them in bulk, rotate them around and you have a pretty well-balanced plan. Watch your body composition change over time

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