We have to continue to educate our men how to be advocates for their health.

When it comes to reproductive health and the future of mankind it is important to get baseline measurements of your sex hormones, lipids, sperm count and inflammatory markers. If you have never had labs done, let’s get it done. It is easier than ever

Obesity and diabetes are responsible for 8 million cases of ED. If you are obese you likely have low testosterone. If you have low testosterone you are at a larger risk for all causes of mortality.

One of the more glaring issues? So many males are born more feminized than ever.

I speak of this from a scientific perspective, not my personal opinion.

There are more men born with undescended testicles, smaller penises and shorter anogenital distances (the distance between the anus and the scrotum, which is shorter in men exposed to less testosterone in utero). Normally it is much longer in males than females and is such a crucial marker of reproductive health and exposure to endocrine disrupting chemicals, or EDCs.

Stuff that seems all “woo woo”, but is now our reality. We don’t have to makeover our entire lives but there are a few things we can address. However, NOTHING matters if the foundations of hormone optimization are confronted- the lifestyle stuff.

In the EU, there are 1100 ingredients that aren’t allowed in personal care products.

In the US, there are 11.

Can we attenuate all this?
Maybe, but probably not.

As simple as it may be, it starts with the following:

? Sleep hygiene
? Exercise
? Sunlight exposure
? Nutrition
? Hormone optimization
? Daily non-exercise movement
? Use glass & stainless steel
? Take inventory of personal health products, replace those with phthalates

But also checking in with yourself if you are REALLY doing the best you can.
Asking yourself if you have truly confronted the state of your health and if you are finally ready to take action.

Because decisive action is what drives vitality & progress.

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