It’s true, the metabolic process required of your body to breakdown and digest protein is pretty costly from an energy standpoint.

You can pretty much overeat protein with the likelihood of it being stored as fat is pretty low.
Protein over feeding studies have shown this.

Adjust for energy balance, obviously.

High protein diets are 100% a tool I use with just about all my clients.

Not only is it very satiating, but it can be used as a caloric funnel especially when dieting.

Because of the energy required to break it down, your body is using more energy than with carbs or fats to do this. This is called the thermic effect of food, in which protein has a high one.

It is easy to crush 5 donuts but 5 chicken breasts or steaks a little bit tougher.

When you are dieting, you’ll want to go higher on the protein too. This takes advantage of what I explained above & helps mitigate hunger and crazy.

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