I wanted to expand upon yesterday’s Erectile Dysfunction post.

(Though I don’t *love* the word “dysfunction” to describe anyone, the acronym ED is more recognized than EI)

80% of men with ED are overweight.

Additionally, Men who have erectile issues also experience 2X as many heart attacks as men who don’t. (AHA, 2018)

Some more stats:

While normally low sex drive & ED can coincide, there is an important distinction between wanting to have sex (desire), and the physical excitement needed to have sex (driven by blood flow and physical arousal).

All the above can impact both, so it is importantly take into consideration what your lifestyle habits currently are, & whether or not some of the medications needed will be needed forever. (Talk to your physician about this)

But the important thing is I can confidently say the clients I have helped over the years with ED have all gotten their boner back by addressing what matters most: their health.

Sleep, lifting weights, eating enough to fuel their activity, & walking more. Because blood flow ???

Let’s set up a consultation if you’re sick of trying to figure it out alone, & want to do it the right way.