When it comes to a boner, there is such a high correlation with stress that many men simply think it’s their testosterone levels.

While testosterone can play a part, it is unlikely to be the primary cause.

When we talk about stress it is so damn boring but SO important. We dismiss it as something we will get to later, like, “Yes I know, manage my stress blah blah blah.”

Until it affects your man parts. Then it becomes real.

What exactly can it do to your sexual function?

Overworked & overstressed can yield a softer erection and quicker ejaculation. ?

Too much alcohol can do the same thing.

Too much exercise with too little food.

Too little sleep.

Eventually this will resonate. I know firsthand this happens WAY more often to guys in their 20s and 30s where their lifestyle and stress are the main cause of erectile issues. I get messages weekly about it. You are not alone.

Do not ignore these things guys, if you don’t know where to start I can help.

Life is too short for less than optimal morning wood.