In my 20 years of coaching (damn I feel old), I have come to realize no matter what someone says their goal is, it mostly comes down to the same 3 things:

I am not sure I know anyone who doesn’t want to look awesome naked, even my golfers who claim they just want to hit the ball farther- there is always a discussion surrounding something aesthetic related. It’s human nature.

When it comes to poop ?, most people are either constipated, have messed up guts, strain, & experience some sort of GI issue. But this isn’t the most comfortable topic so they won’t bring it up unless you do. Teach them what a solid poop should look like (Bristol drool chart is helpful)

Sleeping is the most unsexy thing ever, except probably the underlying reason many people don’t achieve the results they want. We have to re-train people to know what sleep hygiene is- dark cold room, eliminate technology before bed, keep the bedroom for sleep & sex only.

As fitness professionals we can be guilty of letting OUR goals influence what we think our clients goals are. But not many people come to us wanting to deadlift twice their body weight, they really just want those 3 things above.

And if we can achieve those 3 things, you have no idea the loyalty you have created and the relationships that will last.

Ask the right questions, listen, & provide the support & accountability that will allow for execution of the plan.

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