If you are considering TRT, please understand you must support your natural levels with optimizing your lifestyle habits through nutrition, exercise & sleep. This is what I help my male clientele with, as TRT alone will not “fix” the above factors. Literally the most impactful NATURAL testosterone booster is a lifestyle change.

Our grandfathers had exceptionally higher T levels than present. Due to this steady decline, most Men will end up on TRT

In fact, we consider over 500 to be an optimal level, with a Free T of 20-30.

There are so many delivery methods for TRT, and that is mainly because you cannot patent a hormone so there must be alternative ways to provide testosterone. Some methods are more optimal than others, so it is important to be armed with the understanding when considering TRT.

Injections: The most optimal. The gold in this comes with proper injection frequency & dosage, and when that is nailed its a gamechanger for men. 1x/week is common but antiquated. 2-3x/week or everyday subcutaneously are most optimal

Compounded transscrotal creams: Via scrotal application this would be the next most optimal delivery method and great for those who don’t like needles. Has to be applied twice daily, & the scrotal skin is 8x more permeable than elsewhere. Also converts to more DHT which can maximize sex drive ?

Pellets: Invasive, expensive, & hard to dose properly. If you need to change the dosage you have to go in for another procedure. Literal pain in the ass.

Gels: Very antiquated, low concentration of actual testosterone. Run away if given this.

Transdermal Patch: Must rotate placement, questionable absorption, irritation & exercise/sweating can cause it to come off.

If you are still unsure which route you would like to go, or want to better understand if you are a candidate for some lifestyle changes & TRT, consider a dual consultation with myself & Dr. Eric Fete, with labwork included! ?

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