I’ve been lifting weights since I was 12 years old.

I asked my Mom to bring home an EZ bar with some plates from her school. I did every exercise I could with that thing from every magazine I could, including Muscle & Fitness. Of course, I expected I would look dramatically different within like a week, so everyday workouts became more sporadic and then high school sports took over. I joined Gold’s Gym at 14, and even then my strength training was seasonal, and only when an adult could accompany me

Had I stuck with weight training on a weekly basis, I think now at 38 years old I would probably be carrying a lot more muscle. At least I would think so. 27 continuous years under the bar vs 27 sporadic. Now I think I have truly been consistent for about 15, with sporadic nutrition.

Nowadays people want the results that take years within weeks. They want cheap, fast & quality. 3 things that are rarely grouped together. Many a “rapid fat loss” transformation is promised only to leave someone without a plan once the weight is dropped.

95% of people put weight back on within 3 years of losing it, and 66% of those people put on more than what they started with. The problem being they do the same “transformations” over and over losing & gaining the same 10lbs.

The way to break this cycle is to do something that is sustainable for the rest of their lives, to find a way of eating that they enjoy, to find what they feel best on & what works for them. But that takes time. Lots of time.

If I had to pick just a few things for someone to be consistent with, it would be:

That’s it. If you can nail those 3 things for just 3 weeks, then we can look at adding weight training. That’s basically the definition – repeated efforts in pursuit of a better goal, daily.

It’s funny how the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over expecting a different outcome.

Yet the definition of consistency is doing the same thing over and over for a predicted outcome.

Consistency over time = winning.

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