The hour spent in the gym is only a small contribution to the success of your muscle building or fat loss program.

What we do in the other 23 hours of our day is what dictates just how much success we will have.

You have all heard the same spiel over and over about resting, sleeping, nutrition, etc.

I’m not going to give you another one, but I will actually let you know as a coach, we struggle with this too. No one has all their shit completely together, trust me. I have no problem admitting that.

My biggest weakness is trying to do too much. Train too much, work too much, walk too much (yes that’s a thing for me).

Today is the second day in a row of active rest for me. I tend to go 24/7 between training hard & working then I crash, need to take time off, realize I’m not a professional athlete and I have other responsibilities in life.

I think many of us struggle to find balance, which I’m not sure can even be defined?

Working more behind a laptop and not on the training floor is a big adjustment. I am great at laying on the couch, not sitting in my chair.

The key to managing our stress is to control the controllable stressors, which tend to be nutrition & training. If you have kids, you probably won’t be giving them away. Or pets. Controllable.

I monitor every aspect of what a client does to the best of my ability. Things like:

If I can make someone’s life easier by taking the thinking & decision surrounding the above off their plate, then I feel good about what I do.

Then they just need to follow the plan:

Trust, Execute, Consistency, Patience.

I can set it up, I can guide you, I can cheer you on or be brutally honest. You still have to do the work. As do I, which is now sauna and recovery.

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