I’m not sure when & why the “dad bod” term became a thing a few years ago, but it did.

Men make jokes about it, referencing their increase in body fat & overall “softer” look that now has a term & identity attached to it.

We have seen the meme’s or fake news articles indicating women prefer the Dad Bod.

Whether or not that is true really shouldn’t matter at all to anyone who fits that description, self-proclaimed or not. I am sure many men aren’t laughing, & are more embarrassed or frustrated.

He may not know he has one, he may have NO idea why his body is falling farther away from the harder, solid chested, fast metabolism specimen he was a year or more ago.

He may not realize his hormones, specifically his testosterone levels are affected by having children and the amount of stress that comes with that, making it a double assault on top of an already stressed out lifestyle. Triple assault if his stressed is amplified by COVID.

Men experience a decline in testosterone the first year after a baby. Some of it being evolutionary, some of it the massive lack of sleep.

He may come to me saying he wants to “get ripped”.

We have to realize that may mean something entirely different to him than it does to us.

I ALWAYS ask my guys to send me a picture of someone who possesses a certain look they aspire to have. If you’ve seen one of my talks, I’ve shown various different photos I have received, because it means something different for everyone.

“Get ripped” can mean “I just want my energy, vigor, 2-4 pack abs, libido and life back”

Now more than ever I have been told “get ripped” means “I just want to be healthy & resilient so my family can depend on me. If that comes with a little less belly fat, I am happy”.

I think part of my passion for men’s health comes from growing up without a strong Father figure in my life. Anything a man wants to do to make himself the best human ever, I am all for. Coaching men comes easy to me. I’m a bro, anyway ☺️

There is ALWAYS a WHY. There is nothing wrong with anyone’s specific WHY.

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