“Should I consider TRT?” is a question many men have at the top of their mind.

Testosterone Replacement Therapy can be amazing.

However, it isn’t a magic solution to all life’s problems. There are still things that need to be addressed.

You can’t out-medicate poor nutrition, laziness, and self-sabotage.

But TRT can absolutely heighten the chances of you acquiring the motivation to accomplish all those positive lifestyle changes.

So, “SHOULD I consider TRT?”

The answer is yes, most likely. The biggest caveat you will face is if you want children or not (or more). You can freeze sperm pre-TRT, there are also options that allow for this consideration, but if it is your #1 goal in life you may just have to wait. Other than that, there are really no negative rationale!

If you answered yes to any, then TRT is 100% something to talk to a doctor who SPECIALIZES in hormone optimization. Do not go to your GP with this inquiry.

A while back I did some polls on my IG stories asking men some specific things surrounding testosterone. The results? Sad, but not shocked at all. In fact, things I commonly hear from clients that they have been told before.

Things such as:

What are the benefits?

The “range” for testosterone has been lowered more than any other lab value. It is also an average of EVERY man in America- so you are grouped with the obese, sick, suboptimal men of this country. That is a huge range. You don’t want to be “normal”; you want to be optimal. You want to feel like the man you felt like when you had raging hard erections and could hit the gym with the same energy you had in the morning and eat like you did before. You want to experience the same drive, motivation, sexual health, and vigor that you had before.

Just my 2 cents, as now more than ever we realize life is too damn short to waste any of it unhappy.

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