I have a few online clients who love sushi. They have asked me for suggestions how to order it, since sushi rice is so dense and higher carb than other forms. I figured I’d share some of these tips with you.

If you have special rolls that you enjoy, see if you can order them Naruto style, which come wrapped in cucumber and are riceless.

Many sushi places have begun to offer riceless rolls, except they wrap them in soy paper. To keep it clean and help your tracking, order nigiri. There isn’t any gunk, weird oils, or “special sauces.” Typically, 8 pieces of nigiri are equal to a serving of rice in carbohydrates.

Tamari sauce is gluten-free soy sauce, but I personally prefer coconut aminos, as it is soy-free, and tastes the same. Coconut Secret makes bottles and travel packets of the coconut aminos that I enjoy.

Here are two quick links so you can learn more about them:

Option 1 – Click this link to check them out, and if you happen to buy them, I may get a thank you commission.

Option 2 – With this link, you can check them out and if you end up buying them, I get nothing. (Totally cool too. No guilt trips, I just love to help.)

Either way, there’s no obligation to buy them, just check them out so you have another option when you order sushi!

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