I had a blast at the World Golf Fitness Summit. I shared tips with coaches to help their athletes play better, without focusing on golf.

When someone is over the age of 40, the exercises that they do may not change, but their hormonal profile does.

Not only do they stress their body during exercise, they may also face a lot of other stresses (work, family, etc.). By understanding what they are up against in their environment, we can help them.

One way we can help them manage their stress is by making sure they get enough sleep. I know it’s boring and hard to talk about, but we must coach sleep.

People forget how to create a sleep environment. They literally are so caught up in technology that the experience of being “bored” and “winding down” has completely lost any meaning.

General Guidelines:

Have them aim to get at least 7-9 hours of sleep a night if possible. When they do, it should not only improve their workouts, but also their golf game.

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