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Top 50 Golf Fitness Trainer

Top 50 Golf Fitness Professional

Why Choose Ali?

Dr. Ralph Esposito, N.D., L.Ac Naturopathic Physician, Acupuncturist, and Functional Medicine Practitioner specializing in Integrative Urology, Men’s Health, and Hormonal Health

Ali is what I would consider to be one of the most progressive and innovative fitness professionals that I know.

I knew immediately Ali was the person men needed to see if they wanted to implement not just an exercise regimen, but a lifestyle optimization regiment.

Anyone could recommend a lifestyle change, but it takes a special individual to get a man to make change and improve compliancy.

I have no doubt that when I need a male patient to lift for optimal testosterone levels, Ali knows EXACTLY what needs to be done.

It is a relief and blessing to work with Ali, knowing our ideologies on men’s health are in sync. This is essential, especially in a field with so many alleged experts.

Nonetheless, I trust Ali.

Men & women nowadays have more health issues than 20 years ago.

Men and women experience fatigue, inability to put on or maintain muscle mass, low energy, poor focus at work, tons of stress, and sleep deprivation.

I have helped thousands of men and women like yourself make subtle tweaks in their lifestyles that leave them with more energy, less stress, and workouts that feel GREAT rather than just good. 

I’m not the nagging wife.
I provide solutions.

I believe there is more to optimal health and fitness than the training side. There is a triangle of performance that includes training, nutrition, and biochemistry.

My passion is helping you find the balance of all 3 so you can live a high performance lifestyle leaving you feeling GREAT, not just good.

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Life is confusing enough. Your health is a priority. Let me simplify the confusion.