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Top 50 Golf Fitness Trainer

Top 50 Golf Fitness Professional

Why Choose Ali?

Dr. H. Merrill Matschke, M.D. Age Management Specialist Board-Certified Urologist

Ali represents a true gift to men who are interested in maximizing their health and wellness. I am not aware of ANY fitness professional with her depth of real knowledge and experience when it comes to the crucial triad of fitness, nutrition and biochemical optimization. While her title may lead with golf fitness professional, her whole package provides all that is necessary to achieve the pinnacle of health for all men. With today's growing epidemic of obesity and the resultant associated chronic diseases, Ali has a masterful grasp on the keys to getting a man on a better path. Her fund of knowledge in this arena far exceeds that of virtually all physicians, and I can say that without doubt. I have seen her speak passionately to groups of physicians--many of whom would greatly benefit from working with her personally.

Bottom line--in the past, if someone were to tell me a golf professional-that happened to be a woman-was an expert on men's health, I would have probably made some snide comment. Now, after working alongside Ali I can say without hesitation there is no one better suited to evaluate, educate and teach men how to be their best self. Ali Gilbert represents a one of kind provider that can put all the pieces of the puzzle together. I know of no physician who can contribute all the knowledge she can--from nutrition, to training, to optimal physiology. If you have the opportunity to work with her you should consider yourself lucky. I know I do, and my clients are better off because of her.

Men & women nowadays have more health issues than 20 years ago.

Men and women experience fatigue, inability to put on or maintain muscle mass, low energy, poor focus at work, tons of stress, and sleep deprivation.

I have helped thousands of men and women like yourself make subtle tweaks in their lifestyles that leave them with more energy, less stress, and workouts that feel GREAT rather than just good. 

I’m not the nagging wife.
I provide solutions.

I believe there is more to optimal health and fitness than the training side. There is a triangle of performance that includes training, nutrition, and biochemistry.

My passion is helping you find the balance of all 3 so you can live a high performance lifestyle leaving you feeling GREAT, not just good.

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